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Network technology is in our DNA! Our research areas include Networking, Sensor Networks and IoT, e-Health and m-Health, Vehicular Communications, and Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing. Dig in to get to know us better!

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NetGNA Group participates on the AAL4ALL Project (funded by QREN)

"Among the academic partners, it should be highlighted the University of Beira Interior (UBI) !!"

NetGNA Group was the representative of UBI in this Project.

TV report from Porto Canal here.

TV report from TVI here.


IEEE - The Institute - Person of the month!

Joel Rodrigues: Making E-health Applications Possible


This article is part of our June 2015 special report on wearables, which highlights IEEE’s efforts to turn fitness trackers into viable tools for improving health.

Digital innovations have transformed health care in numerous ways. People today use smartphone apps to monitor their health and chat online with physicians. In the future, sensors on our bodies, in our clothes, and inside the objects around us could keep track of almost our every move, relaying information to computer systems that can inform medical professionals when something is wrong.


The article can be found here

NetGNA@VDTNs - Programa The Next Big Idea

Os Investigadores do NetGNA criaram uma nova forma de comunicar. O Projecto de Redes Veiculares Intermitentes (VDTNs - Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Networks) é uma alternativa à ligação Internet tradicional e possibilita aos condutores trocar informações entre si ou mesmo ter acesso a rede em zonas remotas.


Este projecto foi alvo de uma reportagem por parte do canal Sic Notícias no programa "The Next Big Idea".

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